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City reports one asymptomatic COVID-19 case

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On Oct. 21, Shenzhen reported one imported asymptomatic case of COVID-19.

The case, a 38-year-old male of British nationality, departed Germany with his family (his wife, son and daughter) on Oct. 6. They arrived in Guangzhou on Oct. 7, and the nucleic acid results of all family members upon entry were negative. The family were first quarantined for observation in Guangzhou. As both children were under the age of 14, the man applied for home quarantine in their residence in Shenzhen. The application conformed to national and provincial policies and was approved by relevant governmental departments.

lol竞猜官网The family were transferred to their residence in Shenzhen under closed-loop management on Oct. 10 for home quarantine and were managed by the epidemic prevention and control team of the local community.

The four family members obeyed relevant rules and did not leave home during the quarantine. The mans nucleic acid result on Oct. 20 was positive, and the reviewed result released by the Shenzhen Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Oct. 21 was also positive. He was later sent to the Third Peoples Hospital of Shenzhen for treatment. Currently, the patient is in stable condition.

The three persons identified as the patients close contacts (his wife and children) have been isolated for further observation. Their nucleic acid test results were all negative. Another 12 contacts identified have been included in a health management program, and all of their nucleic acid test results were negative.

As of 8 p.m. of Oct. 21, Nanshan District had taken a total of 963 samples from residents who live in the same community with the patient (The Peninsula) and local community workers. All of the nucleic test results were negative.






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